George Ingmire

George Ingmire

Over the past 8 years,George Ingmire has worked primarily in media production and education. He teaches part-time for Tulane in their media department and also privately trains individuals in the field (web design, audio production, video editing). His sound recording work includes productions with Spike Lee (When the Levees Broke); Hilla Medalia (After the Storm); behind the scenes work (Dukes of Hazzard, Deal); and many local documentaries and commercials.

Ingmire produces a weekly national radio program, "New Orleans All the Way Live" for WWOZ 90.7 fm in New Orleans.

Dwight Core

Dwight L. Core (1921 - 1995)

Dwight L. Core, Sr. grew up in West Virginia before living in Virginia with his wife Shirley, four girls and a boy (pictured here). An avid photographer and musician (trumpet, organ, violin), Core worked as a civil servant in Norfolk, Virginia. His film work dates back to the late 40s and includes everything from murder mysteries to nature documentaries. In the the seventies, Dwight Core switched to videos, documenting family histories and gatherings. Until his film "Think of Me First as a Person" became recognized by the National Film Registry, his work never had much of a public life.